Data management

Data access and extraction

Business applications are mostly designed to enter data and get information in a number of predefined ways. Getting desired information out is not always an easy task. Moreover, most organizations have numerous diverse applications and databases – sales, finance, customers, and products. Information may be distributed in many separate sources. There can be many database management systems, Excel spreadsheets, flat files and other data types involved making data access even harder. We can help business users find needed data and information througout organization and deliver it in desired form.

Data analysis and visualization

There is increasing volume of data available each year. Raw data itsef is useles for people. We can help you analyze data, find patterns, put meaning to it by vizualizations.

Information distribution

We can automate distribution of information in your organization by automation of reporting.

Data cleaning and quality

Data in IT systems are often inclomplete, inacurrate or duplicated. We analyze data in this respect, prepare cleaning rules with customers and clean data in databases. It can be done on-demand or implemented as automatic procedure.

Data integration

Organizations have to enable acurrate data and information to flow through its processes, departments and applications to work efficiently. We can help you keep your data consistent and current throughout all company's databases.

Data migration

Whenever there's a new application implemented there's a need to migrate existing data into it. We can help migrating data from legacy applications and databases, spreadsheets or other sources into new solution.

Data warehousing

Data warehousing is integration of all organization data into one database optimized for analyzing large volumes of data which aims to answer questions about business performance, trends and statistics.