Asset & wealth management

We provide reporting platform and client portals dedicated for asset & wealth management companies.

Shipbuilding, shiprepair

Our employees have more than 10 years experience in development of solutions for shipbuilding and shiprepair industry. Over the years we gained knowledge of all major processes: valuations, design, technology, procurement, inventory, subcontracting, project management and time tracking, as well as supporting procesess like: budgeting, cash flow planning, capacity planning, accounting and access control. We developed number of solutions within these areas.


For manufacturing industry we offer solutions in areas of inventory management and procurement, time tracking, cash flow planning, capacity planning, accounting and sales.

Gas distribution

We have supported gas distribution industry with analytics of gas flow, receipients, devices and weather conditions.

IT and consulting services

We have good understanding of processes and challenges of small and large IT and consulting companies. We offer solutions for time budgeting, time tracking, trouble ticketing and managerial repoting.